What can the factories do that are currently closed?

By Dr Rajesh Bheda

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If your factory is closed because of the Lockdown, then you must remember that this is the time to stand as a leader for your workforce and guide them through these difficult times. It is the right way to build relationships with your workforce. Here are a few ways to Unlock the Lockdown, just for you.

Create Whatsapp groups, If you do not already have, to disseminate health-related authentic advisory to your workforce in the local language. Remember that there are a lot of rumours/ myths going around. Create smaller groups with anchor persons connected to coordinators to manage the logistics.

Motivate them to follow the instructions of Govt. health authorities. People may act impulsively and put their and others lives in danger.

Provide emotional support: Your workforce would be under severe distress and may not be equipped to handle the situation emotionally. Provide emotional support on how to manage themselves. Your HR team may be able to help or look for good external source.

Have helplines active so that your people in distress can reach out and receive advise. Share examples and stories of positivity to life the morale.

Guide on how to manage financial stress? There would be severe financial stress, share simple to apply tips about do’s and don’ts so that your workforce can navigate through the financial crisis as much as possible.

Start small long-distance training sessions on soft skills through platforms like zoom/Google Hangout Skype.